Hi! My name's Alexandra and I'm a German American hiker and fresh air enthusiast living in Berlin.


I went on my first proper day hike in December 2015 after feeling burned out, heartbroken and in serious need of a change of scenery – and my love for hiking was born. Since then I've hiked all over the UK, went on a month-long trek on the West Coast of the USA where I heard wolves howl in Yellowstone and (very nearly) bumped into a grizzly bear, hiked the Scotland's beautiful West Highland Way, and am now discovering hikes near my new home town: Berlin. Bangarang! 

For me hiking is all about freedom, that awesome feeling of getting fresh air pink cheeks (hence my blog's name) and getting to know myself better. I believe that spending the whole day outside is something everyone can enjoy. So my aim with this page is to inspire YOU badasses out there to start hiking! There's a lot of material that makes hiking seem daunting ("pooping in the woods 101" is NOT for everyone) or outdoor shops that just seem too... geography teacher. I want to help you get to grips with planning hikes to suit every level, and find the best gear that lets you to live that outdoor good life and feel GREAT.

If you want to find out more about hiking or just want to see mediocre pictures of beautiful places please subscribe to my blog and follow me on my journey!